Zamfara: terrorist threatens to kidnap 300 persons if govt. fails to pay him

A ter.ror leader known as Nasanda has threatened to avenge the death of his wife, her uncle, and aunt by killing 300 persons in the Talata Mafara Local Government Area (LGA) of Zamfara State, Northwest Nigeria.

Nasanda, who camps deep within Dumburu forest of Zamfara, said he is giving the government 14 days to compensate him with the sum of N30 million, N10 million per person lost, after which they (government) are to punish Yan Sa Kai and make sure they do not kill Fulanis or ‘bandits’.

The terror kingpin, in an audio recording obtained by HumAngle, narrated how his new bride, her uncle, and aunt were killed by Yan Sa Kai, a vigilante group outlawed by the state government for extrajudicial killings of Fulanis they accuse of associating with terrorists in the region.

“At about 11 midnight in Mafara, Yan Sa Kai killed my wife, her elderly uncle and aunt,” he began. His wife and aunt had been killed instantly. But the uncle was cut around his ankles and left for dead until the following day when he was rushed to the hospital.
He was being given water and blood transfusion before he died two weeks later at Usman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto,” he continued.

Nasanda pointed out that if it was a matter of money and he wanted to be greedy, he would ask for N50 million per person, but it was just a matter of getting compensated for the injustice done, he claimed. He added that going by the arms he and his group had at their disposal, which was not less than N100 million, it is clear they are not paupers.

Source: Humangle

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