“We will not play gutter politics”, PYO’s camp replies BAT’s

Handlers of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo's election campaign have responded to the campaign of calumny allegedly started by Tinubu's camp, that they will not descend to their level of "guttersnipes" in campaigning for their candidate.

It is reported that posters maligning the Vice president and one of the contenders of the APC Presidential ticket, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, flooded major streets in Abuja, provoking many.
But PYO's team said they will not play gutter politics.
A front line media consultant for PYO team, Richard Akinnola, writes: "I have been the restraining influence from our camp not to play dirty, irrespective of the provocation. But look at what our Lagos opponents are doing? They flooded Abuja with these insidious posters.

It’s a sign of desperation having seen that PYO is the front runner. They are putting their principal into more opprobrium because as they go dirty, it’s winning PYO more sympathy. So, let them continue with their guttersnipes. We won’t descend to their level."

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