Tinubu shares new gym photos, tells Nigerians he is “strong” and “healthy”

Following nation wide speculation and panic that the APC presidential aspirant, Chief Bola Tinubu may be very sick and battling an undisclosed ailment which has resulted in his absence from his campaign, handlers of the Tinubu campaign has come out to debunk the news with new picture of the candidate at a gym.

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has taken to an exercise bike to prove that he is fit.

In a video he shared on Sunday via his Twitter handle, Tinubu dismissed naysayers saying, “Many have said I have died; others claim I have withdrawn from the presidential campaign.

"Well… Nope. This is the reality: I am strong, I am healthy and I am READY to serve Nigerians from day one.”

Credit: Twitter | OfficialABAT

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