Regina Daniel’s co-wife, Laila, apologizes to their husband in mushy message

Laila, the enstranged wife of billionaire polygamist, Ned Nwoko, had apologized for the manner in which she left her marriage, saying she listened too much from outsiders.

Laila Charani, in a public apology she tendered Saturday on her Instagram, begged the Nwoko family to forgive her, adding that what she wants is peace and progress in the family.

She posted a family picture of herself, Ned and their children saying, “This is to my entire Ned Nwoko family. I have realised that I made mistakes. They were not intentional.

“I listened too much to outsiders and I have decided to apologize to my husband and other members of the family. I want peace and progress in the family."

Laila announced her separation from Nwoko on social media in 2021.

This new public apology has sparked lots of reactions on social media with many alleging that she wants to be back to the marriage because she has gone broke.

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