Photos of Yul Edochie’s marriage to 2nd wife surfaces online

Photos of Yul Edochie performing marital rites of his second wife, Judy, has surfaced online. Although, it was a low profile ceremony with instruction to friends not to use phones, receipts of the ceremony has surfaced on social media.

Yul Edochie is said not to be in good terms with his father, Pete Edochie, following his decision to take a second wife. The legend who has long taken a stand against polygamy once posted: "marrying two women doesn't make you a man, it just means you are about to suffer and breed confusion among your generation."
However, his son's secret affair with another woman which resulted to a pregnancy would dent his political image, so last Sunday, in a low key ceremony, Yul Edochie, paid the bride price of Judy, making her his second wife.
The first wife May Edochie learnt of the big announcement via Yul's post yesterday and she didn't take it lightly. She left a sad comment "may God judge you both" and unfollowed her husband on Instagram.

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