PDP crisis: Wike and Sule Lamido fight dirty with words

Governor Nyesom Wike has sharply replied former Governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido over a comment he made about him. Recall that Lamido had in an interview with Channels Television, said Wike has no monopoly over Rivers electorates and shouldn't feel he's an emperor as he was just elected like other Governors before him.

Reacting to this in a statement released by his media aide, Kelvin Ebiri, Wike stated that Lamido has no electoral value as Peoples Democratic Party lost Jigawa state under his watch.

The statement reads:

“It is rather appalling that at a time when concerted efforts are being made by lovers of true democracy and the unity of the party, to resolve some inherent contradictions plaguing the PDP, Alhaji Lamido and his cohorts, who have since lost their relevance in the polity, are busy creating friction and schism.

“Governor Wike has never claimed to be the custodian of the over 3 million votes in Rivers State. But as the leader of the PDP and good people of Rivers State, anyone who underrates the governor’s political pedigree or dares to ignore his influence in the State and beyond will be doing so at his own peril.

“We wish to remind Alhaji Lamido that governor Wike has never left anyone in doubt about his capacity to sway the voters in Rivers State in a direction that benefits the people and the State. In overall, when he speaks, Rivers people will listen, no doubt.

“Perhaps, Alhaji Lamido thinks Nigerians are suffering from selective amnesia to have forgotten in a hurry, the ignoble role he and his cohorts played between 2014 and 2015, that culminated in the defeat of the PDP in the 2015 general election.

“We hope that he is not up in such a scheme again to cause a repeat of that history. Otherwise, if Alhaji Lamido has any modicum of conscience, he won’t be making disparaging comments about governor Wike, whom many have described as the pillar of the PDP since 2015.”

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