Ovaiza, lied to SEC, owes investors whooping N7billion, lady alleges

The CEO of the recently crashed food storage ponzi scheme, Ovaiza, is reported to be owing her investors a whooping sum of seven billion naira. This amount is said to be for the storage of various grains.

The lady, 28 years old Ovaioza, who was recently arrested had told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that she is only indebted to the tune of N1.2 billion. However, a Facebook user, Ijeoma Chinoyerem, upon her investigation, has come out to say that the embattled CEO lied and owes way more than N7 billion.

Ijeoma Chinoyerem writes: "Ovaioza told SEC that the total capital she's owing her partners is 1.2 billion. Just capital without profit. We believed that was the amount since she no fit lie give SEC.

How wrong we were.

I wanted to verify so I asked a friend who works as a back-end data entry analyst for Ovaioza's website. They gave me these figures.

Plantain Capital: 589,702,800

Garri Capital: 3,793,090,920

Egusi Capital: 123,716,000

Corn Capital: 2,599,747,286

Rice Capital: 354,540,080

Total: 7 billion plus. Grab your calculator and calculate.

All legitimate figures with the list of the thousands of partners, their names and their respective amounts.

Note that these figures no include storage o. It doesn't include egusi, cashew, charcoal, sorghum, and other storages. This is just buying and selling. Just nke "partnership".

The total amount she is owing buying and selling partners WITHOUT PROFIT is over 7 billion naira.

And she told SEC it's 1.2 billion."

She is said to have purchased a house worth over $400,000 in the US and working on getting her green card amongst other flamboyant lifestyle before she was busted.

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