Ovaioza ponzi: how investor got paralyzed for losing N140 million

An investor with Ovaioza is reported to have developed stroke when it became clear that her money is gone following the crash of the food storage ponzi scheme. It was gathered that the woman invested N120 million of her husband's money without his knowledge and her own N20 million making a total of N140 million.

A Facebook user revealed the development. Apparently, the said woman had gone for a meeting of investors at the Police station where Ovaioza is been detained.

OG Onyeke writes:

"Heart breaking story.

A woman came with wheelchair yesterday
An investor.
She suffered stroke when she heard what became of her money 140m.
She don't mind about her 20m she invested on garri but the 120m was her husband's and she invested it in bambara nuts without his knowledge.

She slumped and couldn't walk again
She came to yesterday's meeting wheeled.
Let this sink in.. Ovaioza literally Paralyzed the woman.. Literally.
Everyone was in tears, investors, Police and EFCC intelligence team."

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