Mixed reactions trail Kumuyi’s preaching about members’ dressing

Mixed reactions have continued to trail Pastor W.F. Kumuyi's recent teaching about dressing. The Founder of the conservative church, Deeper Christian Life Ministries, Pastor Kumuyi was seen in a video condemning the way most members of his congregation dress, stressing that it makes them unattractive to their spouses.

According to the man of God: “There are some women who are not attractive to their husbands. Some believe since they are married they are no longer obligated to look good before their husband. There are single sisters that are not presentable. ”

“If I don’t tell you maybe nobody will tell you. There are some wives who dress shabbily and are no longer attractive to the man. There are some single sisters that are not presentable. Anybody who is looking for the will of God may not be attracted to them."

This came as a shock to many and most netizens reacted sharply to the sermon.

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