Man calls off wedding bcos fiancée killed his pet out of jealousy

A young lady whose wedding was called off has asked a marriage counsellor on Facebook if her action was grievous enough to justify her fiancé's reaction. In a chat seen on Facebook, the lady admitted to killing the pet of her fiancé because the man gives more attention to the pet.

Read her story:

"He buys alot of things for the dog. Ma, he is too passionate about it. It is worse that when he came to pay my bride price, they came along with it in a van he rented. Ma, it's too much. I know you said i should hold on and he might change when the kids starts coming. I couldn't wait ma. A week ago, I told him to get me fish when coming back, he claimed to forget but he bought chicken for the dog. Yesterday, I called some guys in our area to help me kill the dog..."

The young man responded by calling off the wedding which was just a week away. What do you think? Is the man's reaction too extreme? Share your thoughts with us.

Caveat: dog featured is for illustration and not the actual dog in the story.

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