“I am a woman”, Bobrisky replies NASS on bill to jail cross dressers
Days after the House of Representatives deliberated about passing a bill to jail cross dressers in the country, Okuneye Idris, popularly known as Bobrisky has come out to say that he is not a cross dresser but a woman. The bill which is sponsored by Mr. Muda Lawal Umar passed its first reading, last Tuesday. "The legislation is titled, ‘A Bill for an Act to Amend Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act 2013 to Prohibit Cross Dressing; and for Related Matters.’ The bill particularly seeks to amend Section 4 of the Act by inserting a new Sub-clause 3 that reads, “(1) Cross—dressing whether done publicly prohibited “(2) A person shall be deemed to have committed the offence publicly where it is published or displayed publicly notwithstanding that it was committed privately or in any place that would have ordinarily been described as private." Cross dressers run the risk of been jailed for up to 14 years if the bill is signed into law. However, celebrity cross dresser, Bobrisky took to his social media handles to say that he is a woman. In his words: "I'm not a crossdresser, I'm a woman. Have done many surgeries that can't be reversed such as lipo, boobs etc. When the time come even the court self go confirm as say I'm now a girl".  

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