Funke’s separation: where was Bello when his son was abusing his wife?

Top on celebrity gist today is Funke Akindele's separation from her estranged husband, Mr. Abdulrasheed Bello. He took to his Instagram handle to announce the separation and the typical Nigerian mob is vilifying only Funke. Many people are dicing her that it is because she is richer and more popular than the man that is why the marriage crashed.

Mr. Bello took the liberty to furnish us with the details that Funke sent him out of the house and that he did his "best" to save the marriage.

However, a netizen analyzed Mr. Abdulrasheed "best" when she reminded us about the fracas that recently ensued between Bello's son and Funke few months ago.

"When Funke Akindele's step son, Benito was abusing her everyday on social media, I did not see any retort from his father, Mr. Bello. That little brat and his mother made it a sport to abuse Funke, they even had the audacity to post her children - something she hasn't done before.

Where was Bello then? He kept mute and watched as people dragged and abuse his wife - an episode orchestrated by his ungrateful son.

His silence meant the following: he was taking side with his son. He endorsed his unruly gestures. He didn't protect his wife. What "best" did he do when he couldn't call his son to order? Now people are twisting the narrative pining their separation on Funke, saying trash that it is because she has more money!

Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors, it takes two to tango, Abdulrasheed should share in the blame of the failed marriage too." - Rosemary Utavie-Jerry

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