Flood: cost of goods skyrocket; garri sells N7500, fuel N500/L in Bayelsa

As the ravaging flood hits harder in Bayelsa State, the socio-economic reality bites even harder on the masses. A survey at the markets in Yenagoa metropolis indicates that the cost of essential goods have skyrocketed within the last 48hrs. Customers interviewed by 9jatelescope.ng complained bitterly about this ugly development.

At the major Kpansia market, yesterday, a flood victim, Mrs. Rosemary Utavie said she bought a basin of garri at N7500, three pieces of miniature onions at N500 amongst other items. Price of fuel has been affected as a litre sells between N500-N800 at the black market.

Bayelsa has been cut off from neighbouring states of Delta and Rivers State because the East-West road has submerged making vehicular movement impossible. This has halted supply of goods into the state, thereby making demand extremely high and traders inflating prices.

Residents of Yenagoa are appealing to the government to be more proactive in disbursing relief materials.

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