Edo people are negatively superstitious and diabolical, man says

A netizen has taken to his Facebook page to dissociate himself from Edo people, stressing that he cannot keep them as friends as they are "negatively superstitious" and diabolical.

One Mr. Lucky Obofoni Enahoro writes: "I have good reasons I don't keep Edo people as friends, especially those ones borned and raised at home.

I will partially go for those ones borned and raised outside Edo state who have little or poor grab of the general culture back home.

My biggest problem with my people is superstition. I get too tire with how negatively superstitious my people re.

I don't even like their pidgin and how they speak it. To them, pidgin confers smartness and intelligence. That their smartness and intelligence with poor education is a turn off.

They re diabolical. Highly diabolical. 2 out of 3 Edo persons have this tendency and very rampant among the young folks. I know a lot of young, uneducated successful folks with dibias behind them.

Their women re something else and are not different from their men. I have not dated one before and God helping me I will never date any in future but I tell you for free very few good women exist at home. You see those beautiful, cream-effect-yellow complexioned Edo ladies run away from them."

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