CS mum of 5 girls dies at 6th attempt for a male child

A caesarian mum of five female children has died of complication arising from her sixth caesarian section - a pregnancy attempt for a male child.

A Facebook user shared the story in relationship group.

"I had an active follower who introduced a sister of hers, who was blessed with 5 girls all through CS.

We got talking sometimes in April, 2021 when her husband threatened to get a second wife due to the absence of a male child. I gave her reasons why she shouldn't try another baby, aside from that her doctor had warned her as well. Well she got pregnant, haf a baby yesterday. I was shocked when she wrote me same yesterday about the arrival of the SON, yea, I was shocked and happy though. This morning, her sister chatted to tell me that the woman is dead.

She had complications few hours post delivery was taken back to theatre, lost so much blood and couldn't make it.

I'm a CS mom and I can tell you for a fact that it's the most risky form of delivery yet safe. No, CS didn't kill her but the complication did. Listen to your doctor."

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