Chrisland student videos: the need for parental control

With the revelations pouring in about the young Chrisland student whose s3x video got leaked yesterday, there is need for Nigerian parents to step up their game about internet censorship for their young ones. Here is a parent's view about parental control.

"Yesterday, when I saw the mother's interview, I was uncomfortable with so many things, it's for decorum I didn't write further just not to sound insensitive or blame the victim but so many things were off, listening to the woman. I like a term used by a coach, Natalie Usen, to capture the situation, she calls it "unconscious parents".

Yes, so many parents are very unconscious or laid back and not notice when their children drift away into habits they'd shouldn't. And in our age, the internet is a BIG enabler. One trend that is now fashionable among average income people is for parents to give smart phones without any censor to very young children, it is now a status thing for children to have smart gadgets.

Some would say: "dem dey use am play game", "dem dey download cartoon", "dem dey use am do home work". Aunty, na who tell you say na only cartoon?

The other day, I caught my own child sending an email to a game company to upgrade the levels of the game. That he has exhausted all the levels. I was shocked! This was with my phone oh not his!

Imagine the DM of that young Chrisland student: the predators, the pedophiles urging her on. Such unhealthy exposure! Sadly, there are hundreds of children doing stuff with the internet which their parents do not know about.

What am I saying? Dear parent, the internet is a big place, don't let your young children wander off. Protect them, learn about parental control and use it." - Rosemary Utavie-Jerry

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