Catholic bishop publicly rejects Gov. Ayade cash gift: “go and give it to your workers”

At the thanksgiving mass in honor of Justice Emmanuel Agim, on his elevation to the Supreme Court, at the St. Patrick Catholic Church Ikot Ansa Calabar, few days ago, Bishop Ayah publicly rejected the gift Governor Ayade made to him.

Governor Ayade, after launching the 2022 harvest theme and donating ₦25 million, reportedly told Bishop John Ayah, who came from Uyo to Calabar to officiate the Thanks giving mass , “before you depart for your station from Calabar, I WILL WHISPER TO YOU.

Bishop Ayah during his remarks replied: “Kindly add the whisper to the salary of your workers and pay them, I don't need it”. And the congregation spontaneously sprang up and gave the Bishop a standing ovation.

Bishop Ayah is from Obudu in Cross Rivers state , the same Local government with Gov. Ayade.

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