Barrister gives update about Facebook ‘juju’ seller, Angela Nwosu’ criminal case

Popular human right advocate, Barr. Azubuike Ihemeje who is known for prosecuting online scammers has given update about the criminal investigation case concerning Facebook self acclaimed spiritualist, Angela Nwosu. The investigation which was opened months ago has got many worried as nothing has been heard about the matter after it trended on social media.

However, the Barrister has come forward to clear the air and enlighten members of the public all that has transpired so far.

Barrister Azubuike writes:

"Our public interests petitions against her criminalities were duly activated and actioned upon.

The law enforcement agencies have been seriously on her trails.

She’s been largely evasive and out of circulation physically."

"Angela Nwosu wrote petition against me, and several others on Facebook, alleging specifically that; I defamed her name by calling her a juju scammer and criminal.

The thrust of her petition is that, I should have waited patiently until she’s arrested, prosecuted and convicted before I reached such conclusion.

The police officers handling her own petition are men of Zone7 Police Headquarters Abuja.

When I was contacted by the IPOs in charge of her counter petition, I gave them day and time and I did honored their invitation.

I told them all that transpired and volunteered relevant detailed documents to show, that a thief has absolutely no image nor character to protect.

I thoroughly explained to her IPOs the monumental crimes she has committed and still committing on the cyber space.

I opined that as public educator, we enjoy lots of privileges to cast and expose criminals anywhere they may be found.

I further posted that; Angela Nwosu is a well known, self-confessed Witch craft, and invocation of juju practitioner- a wholly criminal offense under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria.

That till now, Angela still persevere in those criminal activities.

Her Facebook account was opened to verify her atrocious crimes. Evidences of her crimes were carefully extracted.

Her IPOs also found out that; our Public Interests Petition was long initiated against her, before her subsequent complaints of defamation.

Ignorance of the law is certainly not excuse.

Angela did not show up at the station.

On another day, when her own case was slated for Police Interview, Angela refused to come.

But her lawyer came.

According to her lawyer, Angela is not in the country.

But had given her power of attorney to represent her.

I reminded her and their police that;
according to our criminal Justice system and laws, complaints of this nature can NOT be delegated.

Which they all acknowledged, that Angie something needs to come down physically and volunteer statements to the police.

Her lawyer simply stated in her petition that;

Angela is a “ Philanthropist and social media influencer with a verified Facebook account “

No mention was made of her self confessed criminal acts of witch crafty and multiple invocations of juju practices.

Her her lawyer’s grouse and arguments are that;

I should have waited till her client is convicted before drawing conclusions that she’s a criminal.

And I asked;

When you catch a Hoodlum openly stealing in public; how do you alert the general public as to his crime?

Abi is not by shouting; thief thief thief?

Concomitantly, as a public educator and advocate against public frauds and crimes, I owe it to the public to inform them and shout; criminal, criminal criminal whenever and wherever i found one.

I won’t wait until conviction before I educate the public about the existence of a criminal.

If anyone is offended, let them approach the court and I’ll meet them right there.

However, let those who approach the court do so with clean hands and not with filthy criminal doings, I concluded.

The Angela IPOs requested for her presence.

Her lawyer insisted she’s operating outside Nigeria.

That Angela can only return in a Month’s time.

She was ask to call Angela there and then to find out exactly when she can come over to explain her own case.

But the lawyer pleaded that she can only call her when she gets home and revert back.

I told the police officers to oblige my colleague lawyer.

And I also gave Angela’s lawyer my number to reach later that day, to confirm whenever her client will be available.

Unfortunately, I’ve haven’t heard anything from the lawyer"

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