“An Igbo man can never rule Nigeria”, Atiku is the next president – Prophet Chukwudi

A Nigerian seer has been insistent on his prophesy that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is the next President after Buhari and that an Igbo man can never rule Nigeria. He made a similar prophesy before the PDP presidential primaries.

According to Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi: "you are already aware of the numerous prophecies I have made concerning Alhaji Abubakar, based on a burden the Lord laid on my soul."

"The first revelation I had that Atiku is going to be President was November 22, 2015." This was given in May.

Again, the prophet has insisted in a new vision that he saw that Atiku will be the next president. Hear him: "If Atiku does not rule Nigeria, an Igbo man can never be President, what you are seeing now is a fulfilment of the word of God."

Although, the Prophet is of Igbo extraction, he insists that his tribes man cannot rule Nigeria. What do you think about his prophesy?

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