Aba based CEO loses prospective deal bcos of city’s dirty reputation

An Aba based entrepreneur has narrated how she lost a prospective business deal because of the city's reputation of being very dirty. The entrepreneur, Chinenye Golden Ifeamah writes:

"I got a call yesterday from a woman who said she works in one oil company in Lekki.

She said she tasted my product and called because of the number on it.

She went on with how impressed she was and how it had very good quality.

She asked my location, as I open my mouth and mentioned Aba, madam screamed tufiakwa, that dirty place and hung up the call on me.

She didn't even wait for me to tell her there's a distributor in lekki.

Wetin I do ma?

Is that how much you don't like my city?"

Aba is the commercial centre of Abia state.

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