2023: Rotten meat and rotten egg, the choices facing Nigerians

As a young progressive Nigerian, when I support a political candidate, I do it out of personal conviction and not party affiliation (I am not yet a member of any political party.)

My first choice of Presidential candidate was Peter Obi, I thought PDP would leverage on his "youthfulness" and pedigree and give him the ticket but I thought wrong! When he left PDP, I was not happy. Wike doesn't strike one as a presidential material, so when Atiku finally won, I shrugged it off because sincerely, I think Atiku would make a better President than Wike.

For APC convention, I prayed and wished for Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to clinch the ticket. Prof. has so many things in his favour to be the flagbearer of the APC: intelligence, vibrancy, experience etc. But sadly Nigeria always happens to our finest.

I cannot for the life of me understand why people of means, people with money who parade themselves as political leaders would be stepping down for Bat? I cannot fathom the reason on God's own earth why a self acclaimed progressive in the person of Fayemi Kayode would be stepping down for Bat! Money or fear, what other inducement informed the decision of the seven APC aspirants for stepping down?

A friend has once likened elections in Nigeria as choosing between rotten meat and rotten egg. And over the years, he has been adjudged right. We are always faced with lack lustre choices in every political dispensation.

2023 is almost here and there seem to be no difference or improvement in our choices. So, what do we do? We would garnish the rotten meat and manage to eat it until such a time when we are truly sick and tired of its poison. As for the rotten egg, we will flush it down the drain, it has no second hand value, we cannot manage it. We will pour it out! It stinks. It truly stinks!

Caveat: the writer is not liable for your interpretation of this post, your interpretation might be different from her intention.

Rosemary Utavie-Jerry

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