2023: PDP zoning and the age of reasoning
It has now become so clear to all discerning members of the PDP that the idea of zoning the Presidential ticket to the South at this late hour is a conjecture and pure strategy of a particular Southsouth aspirant. Do we succumb to the whims and caprices of a few strong hands only because of their perceived sacrifices and assistance to the party? The truth is that zoning at this late hour was designed to favour just one man. The plan is that once it comes to the South even the southeast governors will support the southsouth aspirant to emerge. As we speak the entire 37man team has come under intense pressure to zone. I still submit that zoning at this late hour will breed rancour, division, resentment and bitterness. The appropriate thing to do if we actually want to achieve fairness, equity as well as merit and competence, is to choose a CONSENSUS CANDIDATE FROM THE SOUTH-EAST. Therefore let us choose National Consensus over Zoning. A lot of PDP members erroneously believe that whoever is our presidential candidate will easily win the election. Let the PDP not position itself to snatch loss over victory in the 2023 elections. I speak because I love my party and have paid monumental sacrifices for my immeasurable loyalty. I kept quiet in 2015 and will no longer keep quiet when I see plans that will only bring electoral failure.   This article is written by Olisa Metuh.

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